Safari Tanks South Africa

KTM 690 Enduro 14 Litre



KTM60 Enduro 14 Litre


Available Colours


Clear, Black, Orange


Model Information


690E and 690R
Fits all models including 2012 (2012 tank fit earlier models however the earlier model tank will NOT fit 2012).


KTM690SMC – tank should fit but need to check if the original tanks from the ‘R’ and the SMC are interchangeable, if so it will fit.




Fuel cap

Taps  - button taps x 3

Mounting kit

Fuel lines

Fuel transfer plate



Extra Information


The Safari 14 litre tank is fitted in addition to the original 12 litre tank giving a total fuel capacity of 26 litres. It is straight forward to install and easy to remove and replace for servicing (fuel does not need to be drained). The Safari Tank is connected into the original fuel system from isolator taps either side of the new tank plumbed into the original tank through a fuel pump adaptor that is attached at the bottom of the fuel pump housing. The tank has been designed to retain the original KTM styling and look, and gives you a unique comfortable knee position on the tank. (The tank sits over the end of the seat).





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