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Kawasaki KLR650 32 Litre




Kawasaki KLR 650 32 Litre


Available Colours


Clear, Black


Model Information



KLR 650                                  Model and Years                              Std tank

1987                            A   1                                        23    LTR          

1988                            A   2                                        23 

1989                            A   3                                        23 

1990                            B   2                                        23 

1991                            B                                             23 

1992                            B                                             23 


1995                            C  1                                         14/17 LTR 

1999                            C  2                                         14/17 

2001                            C  7                                         14/17 


2004                            A  18                                       23LTR 

2005                            A                                             23 


2008                            E                                              23 


Still current – with plastic panel and fixed fairing 

Trim radiator tabs on side (cut square to match radiator) 




Fitting Kit

Cap and Breather


Extra Information


Will not fit with S W Motech crash bars


Fuel transfer – fuel splashes over with braking & acceleration (same as Honda CRF450 x 21L).  Customers prefer not to have the complications of a lift pump – extensive testing has been done.




It is much easier to list what is the same, because the list is short.
Two version street and dirt. The C model is the street version. Differences: Frame, perimeter vs backbone type. Stronger and lighter. Suspension, longer and bigger. 43mm usd forks. Motor: They share some internal parts but the KLX has a different head for more flow, different case and a gear driven balancer.
The negatives: 3.2 gal fuel tank, little element protection. No aftermarket. Aceribis used to make a 5gal tank but are rare. They just made a special production of 15 red tanks that were presold. The R tank is available in green but won't easily fit the C. Any aftermarket bar fitted windshield will give protection.
I own a 95 C model and love it. Got the 5 gal tank. Maier windscreen, modded the seat for comfort and would take it anywhere. Best I can tell by comparing dyno reports, the C makes about 6 more rw hp than the KLR and responds very well to carb and airbox mods. 11 and 10 inches of suspension travel. As far as height I don't think they are any taller than a KLR but KLR lowering links and raising the fork tubes will lower it. The listed weights for both is a lie. Ready to run the KLX weighs about 375 and a KLR 400+lbs. 



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